‘Tis the Season…!

by Reginald Nettles, PhD, CGP

The MAGPS Spring Conference season is upon us. With registration now open for our Spring, 2012 Conference, our spring scholarship season has begun.

MAGPS has grown immeasurably from the presence of students and new professionals who have attended our bi-annual conferences. Many have gone on to assume important leadership roles within MAGPS. We recognize, though, that many students and new professionals find conference attendance too expensive for their budgets. We therefore invite members of both groups to apply for scholarships to cover registration fees and the Saturday evening banquet for students, interns, post-docs and residents attending the conference. Student scholarships and the Louisa Schwartz Memorial Scholarships for new professionals are described on our website (magps.org ). In addition, this year we are starting a new scholarship for conference volunteers to assist with a variety of onsite tasks at the conference. If you are interested in volunteering, submit a scholarship application and write “Volunteer Scholarship” on your application form.

All scholarship recipients are expected to write a one-paragraph summary of their experience of the conference for publication in the MAGPS Blog/Newsletter, immediately following the conference. Scholarship applications must be received no later than April 14, 2012 for the spring conference, though earlier registration and application is strongly encouraged. Awards are based on available scholarship funds and preference is given to first-time attendees.
Beyond scholarships, a reduced rate ($210.00) is available for 1st-time attendees at any level of experience, and includes a one-year membership in MAGPS. Reduced rates are also available for new professionals within the first two years of graduation ($125.00). The student/retired person rate is $75.00.

As group psychotherapists, we recognize that many new professionals in our field look for ways to develop and enhance group psychotherapy skills. MAGPS offers just such a vehicle, and, for many, a beginning entre into a community of group therapists that can be sustaining for many years to come. Retired persons as well are invited to become involved in this community if they have not been previously, and to remain involved if they have been.

If you are a member and/or supporter of MAGPS, we invite you to donate to our scholarship fund. Your generosity has meant much to many in past years. Visit magps.org and follow the Scholarship Application & Donation Form link for additional information about scholarships and the application form, and making donations. The form can be downloaded, completed, and faxed to me at 202-204-6058 or emailed to scholarships@magps.org