MAGPS Spring Conference 2021

What’s Process Got to Do with It?

An Exploration of Leadership in Therapy and Training Groups

This workshop will explore differences in the leadership of therapy and training groups. Didactics will address how the task of leading a process group for a training experience is different than that of a psychotherapy group. Challenges for the leader of the process group experience will be considered. Additionally, considerations related to group leadership and therapist identity will be explored. Presenters will ask participants to consider their own power and privilege, and to the degree possible, to reflect on how it, as well as inherent implicit bias, may enter the room during the experience. Finally, in addition to didactic information, attendees will have the opportunity to lead one of four demonstration process groups and receive feedback.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the reasons it is important to have training specific to Process Group Experience leadership
  2. List major differences between a Process Group Experience and a therapy group
  3. Discuss key skills when leading a Process Group Experience
  4. Identify challenges to Process Group Experience leadership
  5. Describe unique considerations relevant to a Process Group Experience Leader
  6. Define how identity, intersectionality, and social justice impact your leadership in Process Group Experience.

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