Spring Conference 2016 Preview: What are Impossible Groups?

I recently asked Spring Conference Co-Chair Bradley Lake about the title of the upcoming conference. It wasn’t clear to me what an Impossible Group meant. His answer helped me and may be helpful to others, so I am posting it here:

Bradley Lake

Bradley: In my understanding, via my conversations with our guest presenter Haim Weinberg,”Impossible” Groups refers to the changing world (i.e., social media) and how do we as clinicians adapt and absorb, or not, with these changes.

This includes the duration and frequency of sessions. For example, I have had one gay men’s group for over 10 years.  The fourth and fifth member left the group at the end of last year.  The group had previously, with my reluctant permission, had contact on Facebook and would come into group every week sharing their contacts and how it felt.  There was one member who did not want to have communication on Facebook and that was discussed in detail and depth.  The remaining three members did not want to add any new members and we obviously talked about disbanding the group.

Collectively we decided to do a trial of meeting every other week and add an additional 15 minutes to the group (from 75 minutes to 90 minutes).  It continues that way with great success today.  I do meet with each member individually for one session per month.  Haim felt like this fit his definition of Impossible Group.  I would not have used the word Impossible but I believe that he is referring to what we once thought was impossible is, in fact, possible.

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