NEW: Supervision Opportunity for CGP Candidates


One of MAGPS missions is to support  standards of practice and training in group psychotherapy.  The Project outreach, and Mentoring chairs of  MAGPS have developed a program which will  help MAGPS group therapists who do not yet have a certification of group psychotherapy (CGP) work towards this certificate.  While promoting standards of excellence, this program also will increase the available pool of Small Group Leaders at MAGPS conferences thereby enriching the entire MAGPS community. There will be an added benefit of providing supervision in a wider geographic area for those interested in earning the certificate.


We are looking to bring together Approved Group Psychotherapy Supervisors and pre-certified group therapists through a program whereby supervisors would be willing to offer supervision for $75 (individual) or $50 (group). The supervisor and supervisee would work out all of the contract details of time, place, number of sessions etc. as well as  approval from the CGP board place together .


MAGPS would only create and issue the list for the membership . If you qualify as an Approved Group Psychotherapy Supervisor (see below for qualification), would you be interested in providing supervision at this lower fee for MAGPS members?


Approved Group Psychotherapy Supervisor Definition: To qualify as an approved group psychotherapy supervisor, the supervisor must be a group psychotherapist who is listed, or is eligible for listing with the International Board for Certification of Group Psychotherapists, and who has a total of 600 hours of group psychotherapy experience.  This requires an additional 300 hours beyond CGP eligibility standards.  Verification of supervisor qualifications will be affirmed by supervisor signature on the Supervision Verification Reference Form. An American Board of Professional Psychology in Group Psychotherapy Specialist should be approved by the supervisor signature on the verification Form.


If you wish to be on the list for supervisors offering the reduced fee benefit for MAGPS members, please contact  Venus Masselam PhD by phone: (301)365-3948 or  email if you wish to participate in this project.

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