Letter from the President

by Reginald Nettles

At this writing, Mid-Atlantic is busy preparing for its fall conference, under the able leadership of Henry Morris, Fall 2010 Conference chair. In keeping with our tradition of having one of our two annual conferences outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, we will meet in Richmond, Virignia, October 22-24, 2010. This will be our first meeting in Richmond in just over 10 years. Guest presenters Bill Roller and Vivian Nelson will lead the conference in examining Ethical Dimensions of the Co-Therapy Relationship. If you haven’t already looked at our website (www.magps.org ), take a look at the audio-visual live to tape demonstration of a therapy group co-lead by our guest presenters. Details of our spring, 2011 conference, chaired by Margo London, with guest presenter Stewart Aledort, will be announced, as is traditional, at our fall conference. Mid-Atlantic conferences always have experiential, i.e. large and/or small group learning experiences as well as a healthy dose of didactic material.

Mid-Atlantic has embraced technology in many facets of our work. This live demonstration group is one example, thanks to the efforts of our webmaster, Rob Williams. Membership chair Deb Sinek, along with Rob, has been ramping up our online registration capability with excellent results. We are now able to invite our members and guests to register for our conferences online. We also have a listserv for our membership which has been an excellent resource for group and related therapy referrals. Similarly, we are moving toward paperless-ness in as many ways as possible. Members now have the option  of requesting paperless communications from MAGPS to varying degrees. This newsletter may go digital within the next few months. Our conference brochures are accessible on our web-site and will no longer be sent to members who have indicated that they prefer paperless communications. Finally, our annual membership directory is available on our website, and will only be sent in hard copy to those who request them. Our goal is in part to reduce costs and thereby minimize cost increases to our membership in these trying economic times and beyond.

We are very pleased to have the MAGPS/Washington School of Psychiatry Group Psychotherapy Alumni Association Cinema Series back on board after a brief hiatus. This collaboration is coordinated by John Thomas and Rob Williams. The 2010-2011 schedule appears in a separate blog post.

By now, all members have received the Call for Nominations, sent out at the end of July by Past-president and nominations committee chair, Lenore Pomerance. This is your opportunity to nominate members to run for positions on the MAGPS board. Self-nominations are welcome. In a few short months, I will move into the past-president role and president-elect Farooq Mohyuddin will move into the presidency for two years. It has been, and continues to be, a joy to be involved with this community of folks dedicated to advancing the use of group methods to achieve personal growth and therapeutic goals.