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History - Mid-Atlantic Group Psychotherapy Society (MAGPS)


The Mid-Atlantic Group Psychotherapy Society (MAGPS) was among the first regional affiliates to be organized by the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

In 1957, a small group headed by Edward Ascher of Baltimore, Maryland started MAGPS. By 1963, an executive board, by-laws, and regular educational meetings were in place. The Society has thrived ever since, fostering the growth and quality of group psychotherapy and providing a space where practitioners of all disciplines can come together for personal and professional development.

Over the years MAGPS has provided intimate retreats; large conferences; a newsletter and website with both organizational news and clinical articles written by members; training programs; a membership directory; scholarships; and leadership training.

MAGPS has hosted three AGPA national meetings, the most recent in February, 2008. MAGPS has entered into training partnerships with other local institutions. MAGPS proudly claims among its membership a large number of leaders in the field of group psychotherapy including those honored with nationally recognized awards such as the prestigious Distinguished Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association award.

Today, MAGPS continues the mission developed by the founders to provide training and education in group psychotherapy. MAGPS remains one of the few affiliated societies that is truly regional, serving and drawing on the talents of group therapists from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Past Presidents

1962 Edward Asher
1963 Leon Lurie
1964 William Lordi
1965 Beryce MacLennan
1966 Isaiah Zimmerman
1967 Morris Parloff
1968 Arnold Peterson
1969 Unknown

1970 William Gibbs
1971 Theodore Feldberg
1972 John Boriello
1973 Seymour Rabinowitz
1974 (MAGPS not operating)
1976 Beatrice Liebenberg
1977 Stanley Berent
1979 John Boriello

1981 John Dluhy
1983 Bernard Williams
1985 Melvin Stern
1987 Beryce MacLennan
1989 Daryl Yoder

1991 Adiva Sotzsky
1993 George Saiger
1995 Thomas Wessel
1997 Carolyn Angelo
1999 Nina Brown

2001 Emily Lape
2004 Bob Schulte
2007 Lenore Pomerance
2009 Reginald Nettles

2011 Farooq Mohyuddin
2013 Maryetta Andrews-Sachs
2015 Nancy Hafkin
2017 Lorraine Wodiska
2019 Cristina Secarea

Conference History

YearConference TitlePresenter/sLocation
1968New Group TechniquesBoriello & ColleaguesWashington, DC
1969Analytic & Behavioral Group PsychotherapyAbse, LibermanCape Charles
1970Group TechniquesMacLennan, Seashore, HarariWashington, DC
1971The Group in a Changing SocietyKubieVirginia Beach
1972Introduction to Group PsychotherapyBoriello & ColleaguesBaltimore, MD
1973The Group as a Whole ApproachBoriello & ColleaguesVirginia Beach
1974The Use & Misuse of Videotaping in GroupAlgerArlie, VA
1978Group Psychotherapy WorkshopsBorielloTides Inn, VA
1980Group Psychotherapy with Acting Out PatientsBorielloTides Inn, VA
1981Group Psychotherapy WorkshopsBoriello & ColleaguesWashington, DC
1981Exploring Family Group TherapeuticallyFrankel, SorelHarper's Ferry, VA
1982Group Psychotherapy WorkshopsDluhy & ColleaguesWashington, DC
1982The Meaning of Age & AgingDluhy & ColleaguesBerkeley Springs
1983A Developmental Approach to Family TherapySteinglassWintergreen, VA
1983General Psychodynamic Process GroupsStern & ColleaguesBerkeley Springs
1984Issues in Psychoanalytic Group PsychotherapyScheidlingerAnnapolis, MD
1984The Exes: Are Moral & Sexual IssuesRosenbergHampton, VA
1985Group Therapy for Compulsive & Addictive Dis.Cooper, Koloder, Lorenz, RothHarper's Ferry, VA
1986Confrontation & Risk Taking in Group TherapyListBerkeley Springs
1987Group Psychotherapy with CouplesPerlsVirginia Beach
1987The Group & The DisorderedStone, HarwoodWashington, DC
1988Power of ImageryKrash, Lawrence, Saunders, ShawHarper's Ferry, VA
1988Therapy with Post-Divorce FamiliesSerranoSolomons, MD
1989Man In Group: A Developmental ApproachKrugmanWashington, DC
1989Race, Ethnicity and Class: Interface Between ...AdamsWakefield, VA
1990Shame & the Restoration of Self-RespectAlonsoBaltimore, MD
1991The Impact of the Group Therapist' Life ...ElfantBerkeley Springs
1991Group Therapy with Medically Ill Patients SternWilliamsburg, VA
1992A Systems-Centered Approach to the Group ...AgazarianSt. Michaels, MD
1992Gender in Group PsychotherapyAlonzoWashington, DC
1993Power and Authority in Group PsychotherapyAdams, Green, Powell, SkolnickWashington, DC
1994Brief Dynamic Group PsychotherapyAzimAnnapolis, MD
1994Attachment, Separation, ReattachmentFrankelGlade Springs, WV
1995A Relational Approach to Family & Couples ...WinerRichmond, VA
1995Boundary Issues in Group PsychotherapyFieldsteelEaston, MD
1996Group Therapy through the Life CycleSaiger & ColleaguesAirlie, VA
1996The Use of Imagery & Trance in Group TherapyLawrenceNorfolk, VA
1997Sibling Relationships in GroupHopperWilliamsburg, VA
1997Group-Centered PsychodramaClarksonAlexandria, VA
1998Therapist Use of SelfRutanWashington, DC
1999Growth and Change for Group PsychotherapyZimmermanFairfax, VA
1999Countertransference in Group Therapy: I or O?BernardRichmond, VA
2000Hot Moments & The Courage of the Group TherapistCollins & NicholasBethesda, MD
2000Shame in the Group and in the TherapistGansWintergreen, VA
2001Group Psychotherapy with Psychological TraumaKlein & SchermerBethesda, MD
2001Immediacy in Group: A Modern Analytic Appr.ZeiselEaston, MD
2002Intimacy and Sexuality in Group TherapyHawkinsWashington, DC
2002Addiction as an Attachment Disorder: ...FloresWilliamsburg, VA
2003The Social Unconscious at Play: Influencing ...KibelWashington, DC
2004Integration of Interpersonal & Existential Appr.LeszczSolomons, MD
2004Social Dreaming: Image and SymbolDluhy & RubenfeldBethesda, MD
2005The Space Between Us In Group PsychotherapyJosselsonCharlottesville, VA
2005The Three R's: Resistance, Refusal & RebellionBillowBethesda, MD
2006When It's All About You ... Destructive NarcissismBrownRockville, MD
2006Wild Civility: Working with Erotic Feelings ...Black & GodbyShepardstown, WV
2007Working with Multiple-Minority Identities ...NettlesRockville, MD
2007From Generation to Generation ...Saiger & SaigerSolomons, MD
2008Objects of Desire: Sexuality, the Individual ...NitsunRockville, MD
2009Using One's Whole Self as a Group TherapistGansRockville, MD
2009Stimulating Emotional WealthHegenerShepardstown, WV
2010The Favorite PatientLibbyRockville, MD
2010Ethical Dimensions of the Co-Therapy ...Roller & NelsonRichmond, VA
2011Shame & Excitement: Crucial Markers ...AledortWashington, DC
2011The Role of Play, Metaphor & Evocative Objects in Group PsychotherapyMotherwellCharlottesville, VA
2012A Learning Community: The Dynamic Interplay National Group Psychotherapy
of Theories and Experience
Institute (WSP)Washington, DC
2012The Effective Group TherapistLeszczSolomons, MD
2013The Interplay Between Envy, Competition, &
Shame: Its Impact on Intimacy in Groups
Van WagonerCambridge, MD
2014Care for the Heart and Soul of the Psychotherapist: Psychodramatic ExplorationsNugentWashington, DC
2014Becoming who we are in groups: Jung’s ideas on individuation, fulfillment, and personal authenticityHechtCambridge, MD
2015Integrating Authentic Cultural Competence into Group PsychotherapyEwing & RiversWashington, DC
2015To Thine Own Self Be True: Translating YOUR Theory Into Better Group TechniqueRutanIrvington, VA
2016Impossible Groups: Absorbing a New Paradigm for Groups?WeimbergWashington, DC
2016Loss, and Desire in Group Psychotherapy: A Lacanian PerspectiveConkright & Red Well Theater GroupCambridge, MD
2017Desires to Lead: Perils and PassionTravisWashington, DC
2017Navigating the Consequences of Traumatic Experiences in the Unconscious Life of Groups--Especially Large(r) OnesHopperShepherdstown, WV
2018Cultural Competence, Spirituality, and Transcendence in Times of CrisesAbernethyWashington, DC
2018Trauma of These Times: Impact on Therapists and Our GroupsBucheleCambridge, MD
2019Play with Me: The Role of Improvisation in Personal Growth, Relationships, and TherapyKaysWashington, DC
2019Indecent Exposure? The Pitfalls and Potential of Group Therapist Self-DisclosureStillermanCambridge, MD
2020Let's Face the Fact(or)s: Navigating Race in Groups through Reexamining Therapeutic FactorsBelcher PlattOnline
2021What's Process Got to Do With It?Eberwein, Lee, Mohyuddin & WodiskaOnline
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