MAGPS' Anti-Racism Task Force

Action Plan

We are committed to increasing awareness among group therapists of how white supremacy, structural racism, and personal bias influences us in groups, and the Anti-Racism Task force has proposed the following opportunities for MAGPS members to learn alongside our organization.

For the purpose of enhancing members’ awareness of race and racism both as group members and group leaders, we will be holding White and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) caucus groups. All participants will begin together in a large group and then break out into smaller Caucus groups. After meeting, the small group facilitators will gather feedback from the groups about process, and invite questions, and comments to share with the MAGPS Board. The feedback will be compiled and shared with the membership. The steps after that will be discussed with the board and decisions will be made with how to best move forward to meet the needs of membership and help our organization to evolve.

We are also offering round table discussions on topics furthering MAGPS’ Anti-Racism mission. These discussion groups will be open to all members, and registration information will be sent to the membership in advance. Our hope is to eventually offer Continuing Educations Credits in cultural competency for group therapists.

Our first one, "The History of Racism in the Field of Mental Health AND What to do About It" will be held on 9/12/20 as a drop-in meeting.

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