2017 Fall Conference Preview

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Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 20-22, 2017
Clarion Hotel, Shepherdstown West VA

Navigating Consequences of Traumatic Experiences in the Unconscious Life of Groups Especially Large(r) Ones


Presenter: Earl Hopper, PhD, CGP, DFAGPA

Conscious and unconscious patterns operate in all groups. Although traumatic experience is ubiquitous, it is also a variable in its unconscious effects. Dr. Earl Hopper will speak to the fear of annihilation that is associated with traumatic experience. He will explore what he has termed the fourth basic assumption, “Incohesion”, with its two bi-polar forms of “Aggregation and Massification”. An appreciation of the dynamics of “Incohesion” will help us as group therapists better observe and navigate the patterns in our groups and society that challenge the effectiveness and efficiency of our work as group psychotherapists.

Dr. Hopper is a group analyst of international renown. He brings 40 years of experience and draws upon the work from several disciplines ranging from sociology to biology. He has been influenced by the ideas of Bion, Foulkes, de Maré and Agazarian as well as “Revisionists” associated with the Washington School of Psychiatry. He is a Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society, a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association, and a supervisor and training analyst for the Institute of Group Analysis. He has lectured at the London School of Economics, Cambridge University and the University of Leicester. His special interests include the study of social issues and of personal and social trauma. He has written several books and articles in sociology, psychoanalysis and group analysis and is the Editor of the New International Library of Group Analysis (NILGA).

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